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Aliens, UFOs, Geometric Psychic Space, Theoretical Physics Below are charts, formulas, information on LSCU Theory and blueprints of Geometric Psychic Space with explanations.

Image 1

The seven levels of consciousness expressed in geometric psychic space in the void.

Image 2

This chart demonstrates light and sound combined unit theory and reveals the two-dimensional continuum.

Image 3

Math and chart for LSCU theory.

Image 4

How UFO's are powered.

Image 5

Spherical quadrant illustration.

Image 6

Example of simple non-linear equations.

Image 7

Geometric arrangement of pyramid universe.

Image 8

Alien technician forms. The solid brown and black technician forms are used in the world in the forehead of the suit which looks the same but is hollow. When hollow the black technician suit is used invisibly from the centre of the head with awareness on the world in the forehead. The big brown form is solid and slightly larger than the others. Everyone is a big brown technician form in the forehead of the suit. While channeling it is a paradox regarding who the black technician forms are. The big brown form is an emotional form and contributes to the system that way.

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