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Alien System Technical Information

By: Francis Rudolph. 6/27/2012


Important (Earth) Alien System Technical Information: 

Individuals have a picture with the technician form in the forehead of the suit. As a perceptive atom at the centre of the head the individual manipulates their image using their imagination. The Suit is on the bottom level of the geometric psychic space. Once in the picture the individual is on the second level in technician form, not the suit or the 2-dimensional image. The two-dimensional image can be entered into and is pleasant looking but intangible in the two-dimensional way.This process can be repeated as often as wished. The best picture for a novice is many black technician forms including one Big Brown One always for the user in a dark image with no frills. Then the individual has been introduced properly to the idea. It's the experience that is important. Where they proceed to from there depends on their imaginative ability. Movement should take place as quickly as a perceiver could imagine "here to here". Similar to the idea of teleportation except it's psychic.

 We change from technician form to the suit instantaneously. The technician form and suit should be considered quantum psychical and always surrounding all living and dead consciousness. Because the living always have their heads on it corrects the human made illusion of neckromancing. To do this like anything psychical once your mind is made up just be lazy about it and it works. Before you think anything you already know what you were going to think so never over-analyze. Knowing is faster than thought or electricity.

 UFOs are psychic energies that are controlled by one idea. The idea of balance is used without division. The idea turns the UFO clockwise/counterclockwise. In this case then, the idea of balance is positive and negative but non-dualistic with no extreme polarities. This is the thought/psychic energy that powers UFOs. There is no evidence that UFOs exist as physical matter although the psychic world is all around us. The truth is that most people who claim to be abducted or to have seen UFOs know it's real psychically and make these stories up hoping to learn from others reactions.

The Alien System, Spermbeings and What It Means:


Definition of spermbeings: Species who live as sperm without transforming.

All beings do the technician forms animals, people, spermbeings and  all consciousness. This is done thru the idea of identity, individualism. This is why we refer to them as "YOU" forms. The philosophy is simple "You know You". Furthermore regarding identity people are a year older than they state because spermbeings live about 3 months if they live a full life cycle in their father(s), then 9 months in the womb if they transform. They only live about 3 days in the female womb. Other beings are the same with some minor variations.

Aliens have apparently been associated with probing, collection, and sex. As far as science can show Alien reality is psychic not physical or sexual. The psychic world is all around us in the physical  but is also multi-dimensional. Individuals were trying to mentally process the reality of spermbeings and the alien system logistics. Hypnosis caused further problems because physical reality was filling in the blanks for what the individual could not relate to. It should also be noted that hypnosis is not real and is a perceptive lie.

 The number of spermbeings makes them impossible to ignore. Spermbeings and alien technicians have one thing in common. No holes. In the psychic world it translates into a sexless meaning. Humans were so confused by this truth they started inventing neckromancing, body chakras, unicks, and other illusions. All of which were bad for us. We all reside in the centre of the head, dead or alive.  

The following will explain:

Spermbeings were first observed in 1677 by Antonie Leeuwenhoek using a microscope. He described them as being little animals. It would take 25 spermbeings side by side to equal the width of one human hair. It is as simple as acknowledging tadpoles exist (see images below) as it is to acknowledge the existence of Spermbeings. Science also states that spermbeings are sexless in form. 1 of 23 chromosome already establishes the gender but of course they have no sex parts.

The Spermbeings can number in the millions per day, per male. There are enough Spermbeing Physical forms. There are not enough other physical forms. There is no limitation in the psychic world. Spermbeings go to the alien technician forms and suits like all others into the alien system, including animals and people. If something is consciousness in any manner it also does it. Nature never does anything unless it has to. So the idea of rebirth is illogical. If reincarnation was real we would all be spermchildren. Therefore the past lives people claim to have cannot be correct. Statistically there are too many sperm children compared  to other forms. The alien system logistics are astronomical but completely universal. So it is incredibly simple. The alien system is scientific but should never be thought to be technical. It behaves more like typical nature but is psychic reality.

Humans have been having population/logistical issues, balancing it out we become aware of the alien system. We learn the important things about it as individuals because of individual imagination being what we are. Psychically there is no limit, scientifically. In terms of consciousness we are all always having our own experience. Science studies nature and records that nature always wants new and more forms. Science also recognizes that spermbeings have no mothers and males are always pregnant. True psychic has a direct biological linear connection to males of all species always being incredibly pregnant. To spermbeings sex is a holocaust, murder and terrorism. 


Click the following link for a scientific, microscopic spermbeing video with soundtrack:

Diagram of a Spermbeing:

Spermbeing scientific illustration:

"Starchild" image of Spermbeings:

A beautiful glow in the dark image of Spermbeings:

Bi-pedal Spermbeing:

The Bi-pedal Spermbeings may be hybrids and not mutants as described by some scientists. This would be because of the unick effect on non-linear. Even in dogs and cats who live with humans it is rare in nature. It seems to be happening only to humans.

Spermbeing and Embryo:

A Spermbeing merging with an embryo.


Spermbeings are similar to tadpoles and just as real. 

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