LSCU Theory, Geometric Psychic Space & The Alien System

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This is the biggest news in UFO history!!

 This website is what Area 51, the Pyramids, the Grays and Religions were hiding!

"I have theorized that by slowing down light according to my work presented here the 2-dimensional continuum will reveal itself." By: Francis Rudolph. 6/27/2012

If you have psychic issues go to   download the highest frequency and leave it on all the time. Sound projects thought and or creates and light is intelligence itself. Telepathic interference etc will stop. Your will just goes that way. You notice nothing, is what takes place. 

Light & Sound Combined Unit Theory:

- LSCU theory gives science a way to measure thoughts, events or anything else.

- It reveals the true 2-dimensional continuum that things enter into and come out the same side of. It is never the other side.

- The chart shows that light and sound are always combined. If both are manifested then both are needed. One cannot be replaced because the true event would be changed scientifically.

- Also, there is only one 90 degree theoretical inside corner in the universe.

Geometric Psychic Space:

- The geometric psychic space shows 7 levels of consciousness established on the emotional level. The individual is in and out of geometric psychic spaces simultaneously. If you check to see if your in, your in. If you check to see if your out, your out. This is because of the seventh level. Who aliens are and how the alien system works is discussed. How Nonlinear Isolation Equations relate to the 2-dimensional continuum is also pointed out.

LSCU Theory, Prism Light Dispersion & The Major Tone Scale:

- Light and Sound Combined Unit Theory(LSCUs) looks at prism light dispersion and the major tone scale relationship. Click on the link at the top of this page for a detailed explanation.


- How to prove that sound projects thought/creates it, and light is intelligence itself is shown scientifically. Scratch something and hear a thought that is not your own, not just the sound itself. Be scientific about it and it works rather than believing or disbelieving. Now you understand clairaudience. Being Scientific you have proven to yourself that sound projects thought. Human speech obviously proves this as well . You never noticed before because no one told you and you didn't think to check. Please send an email of your results. Any details are appreciated and your identity will not be revealed. Any sound can be used for this experiment. So when dead without a brain obviously, it is not something to be worried about.


- We are all always channelling. It is not good to block or change channelling messages. Now that you understand clairaudience you should know this. The message is always supposed to be from the one who sent it to the one they sent it to. It should be realized that getting it and or giving it to someone else is a completely different meaning because it is someone else.

- To understand clairvoyance simply means you see psychically. Light and Sound Combined Unit Theory is once more seen to be a good and necessary science. Clairaudience and clairvoyance can also be considered telepathy. To channel means you learn alone with no telepathy. This is good because it is psychic yet we still have free imagination and free will so it is strongly recommended.

 The Alien System & Spermbeings:

- UFOs are psychic energies that are controlled by one idea. The idea of balance is used without division. The idea turns the UFO clockwise/counter-clockwise. In this case then, the idea of balance encompasses positive and negative extremes but again is not divided. This is the thought/psychic energy that powers UFOs.

- Individuals have a picture in the forehead of the suit. As a perceptive atom at the centre of the head invisibly the individual manipulates the image using imagination. The Suit is on the bottom level of the geometric psychic space. Once in the picture the individual is on the second level, not the 2-dimensional image. This can be done as often as the individual wishes.

 - Science is also used here to disprove rebirth by acknowledging the existence of all species of spermbeings. Science studies nature and records that  nature always wants new and more forms. Science also recognizes spermbeings have no mothers and males are always incredibly pregnant. True psychic is real between males with spermbeings through the biological linear connection because they are created in their father(s). The history and events in life are real. In the psychic world the idea of real events are flexible.

Out-of-Body Experiencing:

- Definition: Out-of-body experiences are real events that are not in the same world as the form the individual finds they are always in when they make no efforts otherwise. The individual cannot lose consciousness in any manner during the experience. What you will discover eventually or instantaneously is that you are always in the suit or in the image in the forehead which places you in the second level geometric psychic space. 


- All this with LSCU Theory and Geometric Psychic Space means the world now has a new science. I have theorized that by slowing down light according to my work presented here the 2-dimensional continuum will reveal itself. I have obtained all this information myself psychically and from personal experience. None of the information is second-hand. Registered & Protected H1Z5-Q6EA-WMEV-WWLR

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LSCU Theory, Geometric Psychic Space & The Alien System LSCU Theory, Geometric Psychic Space & The Alien System

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