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This is the biggest news in UFO history! Find out what area 51, the pyramids, the grays and religions were hiding told in one statement!

December 2, 2013

This is the biggest news in UFO history! Find out what area 51, the pyramids, the grays and religions were hiding told in one statement! Started 27/11/2013, From: Last Updated: January 14 , 2014. The following is all a true story. It teaches how psychic awareness works: Area 51 and project bluebook is part of an American information/disinformation campaign to try to control the Alien System until allowing it to become public knowledge. Dividing the issue will not work because the individual will know in the end what happened, as individuals. The same goes for the plans of other countries like Japan, China and the Philippines. The Americans however are using numerous frequency towers called “God Weapons” and now that it’s public again from circa 1950, other countries and individuals will abuse it because it is dug into the psyche of all over the decades. The God Weapon, also known here as the “God Towers” was designed to get a thought or word in someone’s head. The entire statement below explains why the Twin Towers where successfully attacked on September 11, 2001 A.D. In part it is because the Christian experiment ended in 2000. This was due to the... [More]

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