LSCU Theory, Geometric Psychic Space & The Alien System

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Research and Experiments:

Aliens, UFOs, Geometric Psychic Space, Theoretical Physics

Past, Present, and Future Research Information:


1. Two-Dimensional Continuum

2. Geometric Psychic Spaces

3. Light and Sound Combined Camera Experiments

4. Statistical Studies

5. Harmonic Light & Seven Tone Scale Devices 


- Glass, lasers, mirrors, adjustable fixed precision stands, holographic devices, aluminium, steel, plexi-glass, cameras, remote cameras, microphones, remote microphones, lighting, remote lighting, computers, LCD screens, statistical participants, fabricating equipment.



1. Reveal and study the two-dimensional continuum.


2. Study effects of geometric psychic spaces and linear, non-linear effects involved.


3. Capturing light and sound combined in various situations. Studying the uses of results.


4. Scientifically record and study clairaudient statistical experiments.


5. Create real-time and recorded video/audio into LCD/speaker reflections of physical environments using the light dispersion/seven tone scale to generate the output. Discover applications for "LSCU Analyzers".




1. Slow light down to the LSCU line.


2. Assembling, using and observing geometric psychic spaces.


3. Cameras to capture LSCU's. Experiments taking advantage of this.


4. "Scratch test" and "High pitch frequency test" on as many participants as possible. Record and study clairaudient statistics.


5. Research and develop LSCU Analyzer prototypes for scientific, industrial, recreational and military purposes.




1. The two-dimensional continuum on the precise angle, is at the far edge of the laser from the inside corner at the infinity corner as per charts.


2. The geometric psychic space has beneficial mental and emotional effects. When this precise method is not used the mental and emotional change is obvious.


3. When someone records LSCU's and plays back themselves to themselves they have more bandwidth in terms of consciousness.


4. High pitch frequency is a telepathic state without words. Sound projects thought and/or creates it and light is awareness/intelligence itself.


5. LSCU Analyzers can reveal things dualistic, intellectual thinking cannot.




LSCU's give science a way of measuring all things, even thoughts. White light is the loudest, red is next, purple is quiet, black is quietest. The two-dimensional continuum among other things can lead to communication/observation without travelling, including interplanetary. It could give the living scientific proof that the dead exist. Seven level geometric psychic spaces could be manufactured commercially for emotional, physical and mental benefits. LSCU Analyzers could have many scientific, industrial, recreational and military purposes.


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