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Out-Of-Body Experiencing Versus Dreaming

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One of the few ways for the living to have scientific proof of life after death is out-of-body-experiencing. 

Definition: Out-of-body experiences are real events that are not in the same world as the form the individual finds they are always in when they make no efforts otherwise. The individual cannot lose consciousness in any manner during the experience. What you will discover eventually or instantaneously is that you are always in the suit or in the image in the forehead which places you in the second level geometric psychic space. 

When you dream you lose consciousness during the sleep phase. This is not out-of-body experiencing. However, if you see yourself doing things, your in the centre of the head invisibly seeing you in the picture. If you find yourself doing things in the form then you are in the picture that is in the forehead and your suit empty. So all beings do the technician form and suit already. With the technology available it is time to spread this knowledge for the living and the dead. 

In order to share an experience with someone you use the same image. The individuals have to want to participate together. This is psychic reality because we have separate imaginations so we are always in reality alone yet paradoxically we can be together this way. Since these are perfect psychic forms a human, insect, whale, cat, fish, spermbeing etc... are all the same and get along in a way that cannot be done differently. Being a psychic form it is eternal so there really is nothing else worth learning and doing once it is understood. It should be used at all times even while awake in the same place at the same time. This all helps in a natural assimilation of knowing and experiencing rather than thinking about it too much and becoming limited to that.

When trying to leave the body turning on instrumental music quietly can help with remaining conscious during the experience.



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